Creating a view in Android at-least takes half a day. And if it is a complex view then it can take up to 2–3 days to polish it as per the UI mock. And then we need to write the code for it on Java/Kotlin side. …

Coroutines are basically lightweight threads, they are used for doing background work.

We have a lot of different ways to do a non-blocking UI operation(working on a different thread), to name a few “Creating multiple threads(using ExecutorService), using handlers, using Rx Java, using Async Tasks(don’t use it)”

So with all…

Navigational Components: JetPack

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Navigation Architecture Component

Navigation allows the user to move from one screen to another and back out to a different one. Navigation component works best with single activity architecture and it can provide a visual representation of the navigational flow. …

How about WorkManager

In one of the previous article, I discussed how to create a never-ending service in Android to do any background task whether the application is in the foreground or not.

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However, many a time we would need to do some background task which might be dependent on a condition, like…

Recently I came across a requirement where I have to do some background work when the application is not in the foreground or let's say it has been killed by Android OS or by the User.

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There are a couple of ways by which we can achieve this functionality in…

Introduction To RxJava /Rx Android

Data Streams are everywhere if we consider an android mobile device we can create the data stream out of anything (user click events, network calls, data storage, variable changes and even errors can be used to generate data streams)

In computing, reactive programming is a declarative programming paradigm concerned with…

An Overview of Broadcast Receivers.

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According to Google Developer Docs

Android apps can send or receive broadcast messages from the Android system and other Android apps, similar to the publish-subscribe design pattern. These broadcasts are sent when an event of interest occurs.

Broadcast Receiver is a component that will allow an android system or other…

Let’s start with basics

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Recently I started building a Recipe Application on Android to keep my self busy and learn something new during the lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic. As a developer, I'm constantly working on how I am supposed to know where to start with the good design? I feel like every time…

We all have been the notification badges somewhere in every application, whether it is the Food ordering application or your favourite E-commerce application, notification badges are a sleek way to convey the user that something new needs your attention.

There are a lot of 3rd party libraries you can use…


After the restriction being introduced for background tasks being executed on and above oreo, we cannot keep the services running in the background as Android OS will kill them after some time or we get an exception if we were trying to start the service when our application is in…

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